Yeaah, I'm Courtneeyy! I'm 18, and yes dumb enough to believe there's still hope & beauty in the world today :) we just have to look for it <3 I'm the typical girl with dreams too big for this small town, and i'm never giving up <3 I've been through & seen a lot in my seventeen years, and i wanna make a difference in the world, I wanna change someone's life, inspire someone & be a little kid's rolemodel. :) I love the littlest things in life, and i never forget to stop and smell the roses<3 I'm an 80 year old woman trapped in a young girls body. I'm obsessed with silent movies, reeses, degrassi, and the jonas brothers<3~ i also love cuddle time with my boyfriendd & girls nights with my babiess~ <3 i love summer, friends, family, music, singing, cheer, dance, acting, band, school, nickjonas, DINOSAURS, mileybear, theyankees, flip flops, swimming, cuteboyss, accents, history, traveling, God, and lifee<3

Live, laugh, love, & prayy~ <3
''there's still a lot of good in the world pony, stay Gold<3''